Oktoberfest 2011 Statistics

Oktoberfest girl

Oktoberfest girlThe official Oktoberfest celebration in Munich, German wrapped up last week, and while we at Good Beer Fest couldn’t make the trip to the world’s largest beer festival, here’s what we know:

  • 6.9 million people attended the 201st anniversary of the first Oktoberfest celebration, which is up by around 8 percent over last year, setting a new attendance record.
  • 2 million gallons of beer was consumed at the event, another record. However that only comes out to about two and a third pints, or a little over a liter, per person.
  • 12 Dollars was the average cost of a liter of beer.
  • 14 Large Bier tents from Munich breweries greeted attendees.
  • 5023 people is what the average large bier tent will hold inside.
  • 20 Small Bier tents held a few hundred people each.
  • 60 Oktoberfest related mobile apps were available to help them navigate the festivities.